Dear Shoes, Fare thee well, It was Awesome Running Together, Sketchers.

Old Shoes Farewell, awesome old shoes. You’ve been the best friend my feet ever had; we’ve been through tough and rough in all that running, scrambling, walks and Jogging and have taken toll on you. I can’t stand to see you go, but you’re blown out, frayed, fried, bedraggled and besmirched, and pebbles are starting to get in through your sides. Guess I’ll keep you around for lawn mowing or something. You’re way too noble for the trash.

When you fall in love with a pair of shoes, it’s often hard to let them go. However, you shouldn’t wait until your toes are popping out of your old shoes to get rid of them. After all, with holes and worn out soles, your feet become more prone to infection and painful strain. It may be hard to accept, but not all shoes are created equal. Some styles wear much quicker than others

Hey there, my new kicks! I promise to learn to love you, despite the fact that you make my feet look like they’re bent inwards at an impossible angle, you still look perfect from the outside, hope you will stand the test of time. I am not perfect, in fact I have a very complicated life, I have my shares of many ups and downs. But despite all that, I always believe life is still beautiful. I have so many things to be thankful for. Because I still have so many blessings in life.

Among the many blessings are the physical strength that God give me, the grit and determined mind, me being ambitious and free spirited person, and most of all a grateful and thankful heart. I see things differently. Trekking, rock climbing, running, ultra running, traveling, meeting people, exploring new horizons, immersion to new culture – the things I love to do. Mountain ranges and mountain peaks, rocks, lush forest, alpine desert, snow, clear sea, deep blue sky, white sea of clouds, full moon, new moon, birds, animals, flowers, wild plants, baobab tree and many more – those I love to see and I hope that you will enjoy the ride with me as well.

Despite being pricier than your flip flops, running shoes also don’t have a very long shelf-life. However, this makes sense when you consider how much pressure your running shoes undergo. Between running regularly around a track or your neighborhood and taking to uneven terrains, your running shoes withstand a lot of wear and tear. Moreover, running shoes are one style in your closet that you definitely want to replace at the first signs of wear and tear.

Generally, athletic shoes are made to last for about 560 to 800 kilometers, to put it into perspective its like running through the London Underground 2 times or going around the Serengeti plains once, which usually spans around 6 to 24 months depending on your level or distances covered every time you step out. However, you should also consider factors that cause increased wear like weight lifting and the intensity of your workout. But with the wear and tear that I did on my partner on the marathons, just last year alone have left them desperate for relieve, the inner lining is giving in and some threads are starting to show, am worried that I might find my toes out from the front as glue is not working anymore, although no one can figure out that it has been repaired, it looked like its original form, until last weekend after my normal run, having done 4 marathons crossing, 3 half marathons and 5 ten miles without counting the minor runs along the rough trails every weekend, the traction just starting to fall apart. I noticed this as I cant accelerate more during the run as when I try to change to toes it feels slippery, it’s on both shoe, not so big but I know it will grow bigger as I will continue using it.

With this I know my partner on the trail has served its purpose already. It’s now about time to retire it and have a new partner on the trail. I just hope this will give the same comfort and performance that my dear Sketchers has for the time we’ve known each other.

Remember a small hole or uneven rubber may seem insignificant. However, athletic shoes require proper support so you don’t hurt yourself while working out. In addition, you want your shoes to be properly aligned to ensure your body is correctly aligned while moving around. When you use your old shoes past their expiration date, you increase your chance of developing issues and strains. It was good knowing you Fare Thee Well.