Money Matters, What Counts in Today’s World of Unprecedented Financial Pressures.

In today world unprecedented financial pressures, and an ever-increasingly aggressive public culture, along with social, moral and spiritual fragmentation affecting the young generations, are leading to lives being overwhelmed by stress, intolerable interior isolation and even quiet despair, people have gone a long way in creating impressions rather than reputations, a good image is something extremely hard to build. The reason is because we’re competing with our neighbours, without having a deep understanding of their financial backgrounds. But there’s something slightly different between the health competition and living a lie. When we create perception and just simple impressions without a solid base we don’t understand that one day it will come crumbling downs on us.

The future is here, that all we get to hear of, in the media and see in our day-in day-out lives. But can we as young people create our own future? A difficult argument can we can debate forever. I particularly base my argument of on the decision people make after bonus pay-offs. They totally forget that bonuses are never guaranteed like salaries are and as such, these kind of unexpected income should be used to invest for the future and not as a basis of living today. A very useful financial philosophy that young generation needs to adopt is that, ‘you build your day to day life based on constant income not on unguaranteed wind falls.’

For the last few years I have been studying the lives of very influential people and I bet that all of them have something in common, they think about the very basic of life and build from that. Unfortunately, most people think more money is the answer. And while there may be some truth to this solution, when most of us get the money we start going up instead of growing up. A number of people are even known of adding a sentimental value to immortal properties and thereafter make one to regret it when it’s too late. We rent in areas we can’t afford because we want people to see and recognize us, we start driving big cars not because they are efficient and affordable but for the ego of want other to turn heads.

Thus we end up burdening ourselves with liabilities and in the bog reality all we would need to care about is the most basic needs, food, shelter, and clothing and if these are financially covered then, our other living factors start to count, transportation, mortgage and finally the tough decisions between and luxurious holiday or a long term investments plane. However It appears that most of millennia’s financial troubles are not based in need, but in cultural expectations, that because we live in a society based almost entirely on consumption and the promotion of it, we have too subtly bought into the lies and built our lives upon them far more than we realize. The moment you start worrying about what other will think about you rather than how you think about ourselves, you’ve lost the argument because; in the world we live today capitalism is the basics of life.

The trend around the world today is that no one hires anyone for locality reasons but for professional qualifications. Even the big investors got for the great ideas rather than the best PowerPoint slides. Therefore we ultimately need to create a true image of ourselves in every aspect in order for us to be able to invest and move towards the future of financial freedom and build capacities of better investments. When one wants to create and future you start with the very basic things that cost you cents, moving up all the way to, the car lease or a mortgage for that matter. You build a reputation, the trust, that’s what build’s you in a society.

As you continuously behave in one way, people (society) come to expect that same behaviour from you in the future. There is a trust that is formed here, a trust that you will behave the same way. You build brads and people follow them for the image behind them has a reputation. When you build financial freedom, you will enjoy it for a long time rather than a financial liability which will eat up in the future.