Running for Better Health.

Running is one of the best exercises that you don’t need any practice to learn. It is the easiest exercise that you can do at any time. It provides you best health results with the countless benefits that are listed below.

Overall Mental Health

Running can help train the mind as much as the body. You learn to focus and determination to overcome obstacles and fatigue. You get a new view of large and small problems and your capabilities to endure and overcome them. The will and strength that gets your body through long runs or out the door when you’d rather skip a training run are what, in turn, gives you strength in other areas of your life. Running improves your mental health in an amazing way. You should practice running in the morning and you will see the refreshment in your mind. It also decreases stress levels and keeps the smile on your face.

Control the blood pressure level

Hypertension or high blood pressure is very common in the general population and also in runners. Although it is frustrating to exercise regularly and still have an elevated blood pressure, it is often tied to genetic factors that we cannot control. I usually suggest to my buddies that their great lifestyle has postponed the need for medication, but at some point it is better to be on medication than to incur the consequences of persistently elevated blood pressure on the end organs like the blood vessels, heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes. Running helps in being able to control your blood pressure and for whose whom exercise regularly will see a decrease of 10-20 or so mm Hg in most people. Those having difficulties with lifestyle deceases should adopt this habit to keep themselves healthy and in a short period of time, they will experience the stunning changes regarding the blood pressure.

Strengthen your lungs.

Running and lungs are all entangled together and no matter how much you train your leg muscles you will never make it if you don’t supply them with enough oxygen during the run. Just before you crest a hill or reach the end of a speed interval, your lungs go into overdrive. Your breath becomes shallow and rapid. You think if only you could pull in more air, you could surge up that hill or maintain your pace. But the more your chest heaves, the more you struggle. You may even end up exhausted, bent over, gasping for air. “A strong respiratory system can improve your running. It’s a simple equation: Better breathing equals more oxygen for your muscles, and that equals more endurance.” We have seen some research studies suggesting that those who exercise most were less hit by the pandemic which was attacking the breathing systems, because their lungs had adopted in working on harsh conditions.

Body Metabolism and Weight control

Everyone burns fat differently. How much depends on a person’s gender, age and weight, as well as genetic factors. While many people are blessed with a good metabolism and don’t have to do much to reach their desired weight, others have a very hard time losing weight. But the good news is that even if you are not one of the lucky ones who is born with a fat-burning engine, you can still learn how to boost your metabolism. Running boosts your metabolism that is the key to your health. If your body works with a good metabolism, it makes your immune system stronger and saves you from the many diseases.

Weight gain and weight loss is a universal issue that is becoming the habit of millions of millions. Running has amazing results for controlling the fats in the human body. It balances your body weight with diet. Although the fat is a universal problem then you will see that running is also termed as the universal solution if followed by continues routines.

Increased bone density

This is an area where a lot of study is being done and initial results are proving that running provides great stability to your muscles and bones. It increases the bone density to the optimum level and makes them strong for the proper work out. Where as it will take some time to conclusively conclude on the increase of bone density since most of the people tend to lose weight as a result of running, my take is that we lose the body fat but gain stronger and heavier muscles.