WorldSmileDay17, A Kind Nation is a Smiling Nation….

When you are kind to anyone who needs your help, you feel good because you thus could bring a smile to the other person’s face. Any act of kindness is appreciated. It need not be a great act; it could even be a small deed. Kindness or being kindly is an attitude. If you are kindly, you will actually feel for the other person with your heart, and respond positively. This is what empathy is all about. For all acts of kindness, there is a reciprocal gratitude in the person who has graciously received your kindness. You may show your kindness to your family members, friends, neighbours, classmates or anyone who genuinely needs help. When you show kindness you feel a sense of fulfillment in your heart. But there is a word of caution. Don’t get deceived by one who falsely seeks your kindness. Such a person will only dupe you. So be generous with your kindliness to those who need help genuinely.

Kindness is a quality that human beings show in various ways. We can be kind to human beings who need our help. We can be kindly to our family members, relatives, friends and neighbours. We can also be kind to other life forms like dogs, cats and other pets and domesticated animals, and to wildlife like birds and animals. I wish to note that not causing hurt is also kindness. When we hurt someone by word or deed we cause them pain. We can avoid harming or hurting others, and instead be kind and loving to them. Kindness is in the way we speak to others and in the way we help others to reduce their troubles.

Everything in nature shows kindness by its very existence. Trees and plants offer us so much. Our life depends on the trees and vegetation around us. Likewise, the sun gives warmth, light and energy all around Planet Earth. It’s very life is to offer us these bounties on which life hinges. Thus, pushing kindness to the ability of sharing and caring. When we can share what we have with others, and care for the well being of others we are showing kindness. Similarly, if we feel for others when they are suffering, and try to reduce their pain and trouble by helping them in whatever way we can we are being kind. You will find people going into relationships just to have a shoulder to lean on or a ear to listen to them.

We can show kindness to our siblings who we grow up with. Instead of fighting and quarrelling, we can show love and care. Kindness can thus bring an environment of positivity. Similarly, at school we can be kind to our friends and classmates. It will engender an atmosphere conducive to learning. If anyone faces difficulty in their studies we can be kind and help them if we can. If anyone gets hurt on the playground or in the laboratory, we can get them first aid. We may help victims when a disaster or calamity hits the country like a flood or earthquake. It shows our kindness and large-heartedness. We may donate what we have like food, clothes or money for the relief of victims.

Kindness is an important quality for life to flourish. We are known to be the smiling nation with our ‘Hakuna Matata’ slogan as we welcome everyone onboard. It’s my humble submission the kindness for the heart then is mostly shown to the outside world by the smiles we wear on our faces and these turns out that advancing equal opportunity and economic empowerment is both morally right and good economics, because discrimination, poverty and ignorance restrict growth, while investments in education, infrastructure and scientific and technological research increase it, creating more good jobs and new wealth for all of us. A kind nation is a Smiling Nation….